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Top 10 St. Patrick’s Day Real Estate Pop-By Ideas to Charm Your Clients

As St. Patrick’s Day approaches, real estate agents have a golden opportunity to connect with clients and prospects in a fun and memorable way. Pop-bys, or small gifts dropped off at clients’ homes or offices, are a fantastic way to show appreciation and stay top-of-mind. To help you spread some St. Paddy’s cheer, we’ve curated a list of the top 10 St. Patrick’s Day real estate pop-by ideas that will leave a lasting impression.
1.   Lucky Charms: Delight your clients with a small box of Lucky Charms cereal, complete with a note that says, “You’re as lucky as a four-leaf clover to have you as a client!” This whimsical treat is sure to bring a smile to their faces.


2.  Shamrock Seeds: Give the gift of green with packets of shamrock seeds that clients can plant in their gardens or pots. Include a note encouraging them to let their dreams grow as abundantly as these lucky plants.


3.  Irish Soda Bread: Bake or buy mini loaves of traditional Irish soda bread to share with your clients. Include a recipe card so they can recreate this delicious treat at home.


4.  Pot of Gold Treats: Fill small pots or jars with gold-wrapped chocolate coins or other treats and attach a note that says, “You’re a treasure to work with!”


5.  St. Patrick’s Day Decor: Gift clients with festive St. Patrick’s Day decorations such as shamrock garlands, green candles, or leprechaun figurines to add a touch of Irish flair to their homes.


6.  Irish Coffee Kit: Put together a DIY Irish coffee kit complete with small bottles of Irish cream, gourmet coffee, and chocolate-covered spoons. Include a note with instructions for creating the perfect Irish coffee at home.


7.  Lucky Lottery Tickets: Spread the luck of the Irish by giving clients scratch-off lottery tickets with a note that says, “May the luck of the Irish be with you!”


8.  Green Thumb Kit: Encourage clients to embrace their green thumbs with a mini gardening kit that includes seeds, soil, and a small pot. Add a note reminding them that good things take time to grow.


9.  Irish Blessings Booklet: Create a booklet filled with traditional Irish blessings and well-wishes for homeownership, prosperity, and happiness. It’s a thoughtful gift that will bring warmth to their hearts.


10. Personalized St. Patrick’s Day Cards: Send personalized St. Patrick’s Day cards to your clients, thanking them for their trust and loyalty. Include a handwritten note expressing your gratitude and well wishes for the holiday.


This St. Patrick’s Day, show your clients how much you appreciate them with these creative and thoughtful pop-by ideas. By incorporating a touch of Irish charm into your client outreach efforts, you’ll strengthen your relationships and leave a lasting impression that will keep you top-of-mind for future real estate needs. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


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